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Our hemp CBD infused single-origin artisan coffee from Burundi is full-bodied, fruity, nutty with low acidity. It has notes (natural flavors in the coffee) of cinnamon, honey, watermelon, and caramel.  This was our most popular coffee bean in 2022.

Start your morning the right way with a cup of Buddha Beans Coffee co. invigorating CBD infused coffee blend. This rich, smooth, fragrant coffee wakes you up, while keeping you calm so you can ditch the jitters. Check out our reviews and testimonials for the many benefits our Buddha Beans Family has felt from consuming our coffee. 

Do not have CBD coffee near you? We deliver right to your door step. Voted best cbd coffee throughout the internet.

Buddha Beans coffee is infused with 100% organic non-GMO CBD extracted naturally from USA grown hemp. Life is too short to be drinking anything but the best coffee, give Buddha Beans a try and see for yourself.

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Roasted in
Los Angeles

Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from the world's best farms. We roast and infuse all coffee in-house. 

CBD Infused in
Los Angeles

Our CBD is sourced from a family owned, USDA certified, organic farm located in Southern Oregon.