"Liquid Gold. CBD + Coffee is genius. It is the perfect hangover cure." -Madi

"My coworker and I were both productive, yet calm. It was the best of both worlds! 
No coffee jitters=amazing." - Alyssa

"My husband liked it as well. 
Husband: So did you feel different after drinking that coffee
Jasmine S: Yes did you?
Husband: Yes, it actually made me feel good, REALLY good. Like my body was relaxed." 

"Now I know what all of the hype is about" - Demi

"Mellow energy. Mellow Focus." - El Sombrero Hombre

"I have been using CBD as an alternative form of anxiety medication for almost 10 months. After about 6 months of dosing my own coffee with oil suspended tincture, I went to coffee dose with my old business partner and she was blown away as she had never medicated that way before, together we created a water soluble tincture that could be added to beverages. Unfortunately or rather FORTUNATELY she decided to move on to other projects, and just like that the beautiful beams of Buddha Beans and Coffee started following me on Instagram and through a few exchanges we learned that we actually had a few shared connections. I truly believe this connection was Devine timing as I was looking for another way to medicate with CBD in the morning. I actually was unable to drive at all for 5 weeks due to an injury and the owners personally hand delivered my order to me! THANK YOU !!!!! Ever since I have been drinking the coffee nearly every morning which has significantly aided with my anxiety, depression, and ADD giving me a focused steady caffeine high without the added jitters! I love you guys ! After all team work makes the dream work ! Am I right?" -Natalie H