"Been drinking the coffee every morning for about 3 weeks now. It taste great I’ve been doing construction work for over 42 years and have really bad arthritis in both hands. Doctors have told me there’s not much they can do to relieve the pain in my hands other than pain pills since drinking the coffee the pain is almost completely gone there used to be to a point to where it hurt just to open my hands and that is been completely gone I’m totally convinced that it’s the coffee." -Robert D

"Not only is this coffee great in taste and aroma, but it works totally differently than regular coffee. Regular coffee makes me fidgety and will keep me up all night if I have it in the afternoon. But this coffee relaxes me and I can actually have a great sleep!!! Love this coffee!!!" - Meg

"I just made a cup of Ethiopia and its so good which makes it hard to choose a favorite thus far. To be honest your coffee and a CBD face wash are the only products thus far that I've implemented into my budget and daily life. So I am definitely going to spread the news on my social media and I'll be ordering from you every month. Your coffee is my favorite and is my daily coffee of choice." -Anonymous

"You are the first brand/product of CBD that has made me not even look for other CBD coffee brands so thank you for this treasure." -Jenn

"I found my new favorite coffee! #Buddhabeanscoffee @buddhabeanscoffee Absolutely amazing! I got home drained and tired A** ****. I made coffee and now I am ready to party. You can taste and smell the coffee as well as it's special ingredient." -Amber 

"I highly recommend this [Buddha Beans] Coffee.. For people that have issues with their issue... Get it at Natures Joint in Elsa [Texas]." - Daniel R.

"10/10 recommend" - Lital

"Customer: Dad have you had your morning coffee yet?

Dad: No. I'm going to make some now

Customer: I have some I want you to try *hands him bag of Buddha Beans Coffee*

                                                   A Few Hours Later

Customer: How does you back feel?

Dad: Well, I woke up with back pain but within an hour it was gone." 


"Liquid Gold. CBD + Coffee is genius. It is the perfect hangover cure." -Madi

"Loooooooooove the coffee. Hubby and I tried Colombian today! It provided the perfect 'chill' with still being productive at work. Vaping generally provides this for me, but I've had no desire to vape. BuddhaBeansCoffee was enough to set the tone and finish my work day... All in one cup! Thank you for the great customer service and great coffee!! We will be back." -Christine

"OBSESSED. Got the little one as a Christmas present and once I get paid I am ordering the big bag! Buddha Beans is actually the best!" -Bre 

"So bomb! CBD tinctures tend to get pretty pricy, so Buddha Beans was an awesome, delicious, cost-effective, and convenient solution. Did I mention delicious?" - Laine

"My coworker and I were both productive, yet calm. It was the best of both worlds!
No coffee jitters=amazing." - Alyssa

"Best coffee in the world! Love it so much I am addicted to it now..." - Marissa

"I have not had coffee in a while but decided to bring it back with CBD coffee. I love CBD in my coffee because you get more of an even energy than a spike and crash. I feel extra focused without the jitters."

"My husband liked it as well.
Husband: So did you feel different after drinking that coffee
Jasmine S: Yes did you?
Husband: Yes, it actually made me feel good, REALLY good. Like my body was relaxed."

"Now I know what all of the hype is about" - Demi

"Mellow energy. Mellow Focus." - El Sombrero Hombre

"Buddha Beans Coffee is the best coffee before a yoga sesh" - Anonymous 

"I have been using CBD as an alternative form of anxiety medication for almost 10 months. After about 6 months of dosing my own coffee with oil suspended tincture, I went to coffee dose with my old business partner and she was blown away as she had never medicated that way before, together we created a water soluble tincture that could be added to beverages. Unfortunately or rather FORTUNATELY she decided to move on to other projects, and just like that the beautiful beams of Buddha Beans and Coffee started following me on Instagram and through a few exchanges we learned that we actually had a few shared connections. I truly believe this connection was Devine timing as I was looking for another way to medicate with CBD in the morning. I actually was unable to drive at all for 5 weeks due to an injury and the owners personally hand delivered my order to me! THANK YOU !!!!! Ever since I have been drinking the coffee nearly every morning which has significantly aided with my anxiety, depression, and ADD giving me a focused steady caffeine high without the added jitters! I love you guys ! After all team work makes the dream work ! Am I right?" -Natalie H

"So does it make you wired or tired? 
Exactly what I wondered, its energy with focus." -Bre
"Getting rid of my headache first thing in the morning thanks to @buddahbeanscoffee" -Hannah B.
"I thought I would like the fresh coffee in Guatamala so much (which I did), but honestly I love your coffee SO much more. Over the years I have become way more sensitive to caffeine and your coffee is the only coffee that agrees with me." -Elsa
"Just had my first cup after a 12 hour work day, couldn't wait till the morning. lol Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and delicious it was!" -Tina P.
"One word to describe this coffee is #amazing. The coffee itself is roasted to perfection. The Ethiopia is amazingly bold, robust and great tasting. Colombia is a great tasting mid to dark blend that lightens up your soul. The mexican coffee, no se diga! If you enjoy great quality coffee you must try @buddhabeanscoffee. For people trying to incorporate CBD into their day to day life, you must try this product. It is a "labor of love" that you can taste. Quality coffee infused with quality CBD." -Jorge
"Was a perfect balance of energy for my workout this morning." -cannabidoll
"Smooth coffee and great energy." - CBD fit recovery customer
"Cbd has been a life saver during pregnancy for me and this CBD coffee is everything I need in the morning." -Nicky
"I got ZERO jitters. I have yet to have a coffee that does not effect my anxiety, and @buddhabeanscoffee nailed it on the head for me." -Bearded Hemp
"If you are a fan of coffee you will love the flavor of the Colombia roast and the wonderful caffeine kick with the calm of CBD." -Jenn
"I LOVE that I don't feel anxious like I normally do from coffee." -Ali
"I love it. The only way I want to consume CBD now. I felt so complete & whole & at peace. Better days at work, better workouts. Better relationships. Better quality of life." - Alexandra
"Had a cup of coffee this AM. That Buddha cofffee really helps to zen me out first thing in the morning to start my day" - EnjoyGrowingCannabis
"It was such a good feeling to be able to maintain a feeling of calmness while also waking up. There was never a crash and it tastes so smooth! Im thoroughly impressed and extremely satisfied." -Anonymous 
"Nothing like a little cbd coffe pick-me-up. It does what I need without the jitters." - Perfect Plant Hemp Co."
"You guys are amazing! We love the coffee because it definitely helps us both physically and mentally. We notice our bodies and our minds finally relax from all anxiety and PTSD. I recommend your product to all our friends in the military and veterans in general. Thank you all at Buddha Beans Coffee for what you created. You know you are appreciated very much." - @high.n.tight420
"Ya'll, I don't even like coffee, but this right here is it!" -Devon
"Love their coffee and I am not a big coffee drinker. With my acidity issues, but their coffee works! Definitely low acid and amazing flavor." Danielle 
"#1 great flavor
#2 calmed me down while waking me up after only three hours of sleep." -Ella M. 
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