Carbonic Maceration Exclusive Colombian Coffee

Carbonic Maceration Exclusive Colombian Coffee

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Introducing our non-CBD coffee line. Our newest coffee bean is directly sourced from Colombia. The Carbonic Maceration process makes the coffee bold, fruity and full bodied. The Cherry juice came from a 200 hour carbonic maceration of Mokka cherries, dropped into the depulped Castillo parchment and then fermented for 72 hours, then washed and slowly dried.  Carbonic maceration is essentially when coffee is macerated (fermented) in a carbon-dioxide rich environment.

Colombia's coffee is world famous for its flavor and the unmistakable mild but rich aroma that rises from every brew. Carbonic Maceration is a technique adapted from wine-making in which whole grapes are fermented instead of being crushed. As the coffee ferments, the sugars are broken down by bacteria into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

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