The Best CBD Coffee Pods of 2021 and Why You Have to Try It

We can agree there is no better feeling than a hot cup of coffee in the morning, right?

You are looking for that extra push of energy and focus, but sometimes coffee alone is not enough.

CBD coffee pods gives you everything you are looking for in a cup of coffee, but with added focus, clarity, and calmness that only CBD properties can deliver.

cbd coffee pods

In this article you are going to learn why Buddha Beans CBD coffee pod are the best (hint: compostable k-cups and proprietary CBD infusion process) and as an added bonus we are going to show you how easy it is to use your CBD coffee pods.

So if you are looking to have all the benefits of your morning coffee, but with decreased side effects of caffeine such as jitters, anxiety, and caffeine crash, then CBD K cups are absolutely for you.

Keep reading below to find out more.

3 Reasons Buddha Beans CBD Coffee Pods is Quite Simply the Best


Buddha Beans CBD Coffee Pods give you clear-focused energy boost but with zero jitters. We take pride in our craft, sourcing, and infusion techniques. Take a look at the 3 reasons why Buddha Beans CBD coffee pods is the best CBD K cup:

1. Environment Friendly Compostable K-Cups

The standard K-cups found in most traditional cannabinoid coffee pods are, in fact, very bad for the environment. Here at Buddha Beans we took the extra step in making our cbd coffee pods from 100% compostable materials that are safe for the environment. Now you can enjoy our premium Columbian infused coffee pods without any harmful impact to our planet.

2. A CBD Coffee Pod Infusion like None Other

Buddha Beans takes great joy and pride in differentiating themselves from the standard CBD coffee. Our CBD infusion process is unlike any other in the market. We created a proprietary method in which we infuse the CBD (USDA Certified Organic Hemp) into the coffee beans, that gives you a coffee experience like none other.

cbd k cups

Most infusion techniques from other CBD coffee brands are done poorly, so you are left with coffee in which you can see all the CBD oils at the top of the cup. Buddha Beans CBD K cups is the only coffee that looks identical to a real cup of organic coffee with zero film of oil floating in the top of your cup. You can only get this unique infusion technique with our Buddha Beans coffee.

3. Real Micro Roasted Vegan Coffee

Coffee is just not what it used to be anymore. The big names in coffee produce on a larger scale and all quality in craft is lost. Buddha Beans puts care, quality, and holistic pride into every bean of coffee. We roast our coffee to it's peak potential coffee profile, meaning we not only are a CBD coffee company, we are coffee roasters that take joy in the craft of creating rich, vibrant, and quality coffee. Not only that, here at Buddha Beans we make only vegan products, from the creams that we choose all the way to the fermentation process everything we do is vegan friendly!

Why People Love CBD Coffee Pods

So what's so great about CBD coffee pods? We all know those mornings where we are attempting to juggle multiple task at once. It's nice to just pop your CBD pod into your Keurig machine and go on about your task. After a few minutes your hot cup of coffee is sitting there ready for you!

Easy To Use and Saves Time

Time is always the most important factor in any busy morning routine. Using a CBD coffee pod saves you time in the morning. With no set up required you can just put your CBD coffee pod into your Keurig machine and go about your usual morning routine. For the days that you don't have time to brew a cup of coffee just use Buddha Beans compostable CBD coffee pods.

A Coffee Pod with Zero Jitters and Strong CBD Hit

Coffee is great but sometimes if you are not careful and you drink more than you planned for you may experience unwanted side effects of caffeine such as jitters and anxiousness. The beauty of a having CBD to counter balance the caffeine is that CBD promotes a feeling of calmness and wellness that cancels out any jitters. This means you get the energy from your cup of coffee but with no jitters and more clarity, calmness, and focus you get from the cannabinoids,.

Works with a Keurig

Just lift the top of your Keurig and pop in a Buddha Bean CBD Coffee Pod - it's really that simple! All Buddha Beans Compostable K-cups are Keurig ready, which means it's easy to use, and your hot cup of coffee will be ready in minutes.

How Does CBD Coffee Pods Work

Using Buddha Beans compostable CBD Coffee Pods is easy with a Keurig machine. Follow the instructions below on using our product.

Step 1

Lift the top of the Keurig machine open and you will see an area to place the K-cup. Take your Buddha Bean CBD coffee pod and place it into the Keurig.

Step 2

Close the top of the Keurig lid and select which option you want. Make sure your coffee mug is there and press start just go off and get your morning routine done as the Keurig brews you a beautiful cup of Buddha Beans organic coffee.

Step 3

After a few minutes your coffee is ready! Enjoy your micro roasted coffee with 20mg of non-psychoactive CBD with absolutely no fuss. Go head long into the day knowing you won't be hit with any caffeine crashes or jitters.


There are many CBD infused coffee brands out there but if you are looking for quality at every level than Buddha Beans is the coffee for you. We put love into sourcing of our coffee and the craft in micro roasting to give you the best morning cup you ever had. Don't forget about the CBD! Our proprietary infusion process gives you.