Is Black Coffee A Pure Substance And 4 Benefits Of Drinking It

It can be said that coffee is becoming a more and more popular drink today. And black coffee is the choice of those who are passionate about the bitter taste and characteristic aroma of this drink. A question raised is “is black coffee a pure substance“. Here, please join us to learn more about black coffee as well as answer the above problem.

Although this is a familiar drink for many people, have you completely understood what black coffee is? Black coffee is a pure drink made from 100% coffee beans without adding milk, sugar, or any other flavoring. Therefore, it can be affirmed that black coffee is a pure substance.

is black coffee a pure substance
Black Coffee

True to its name, pure black coffee is the type that contains 100% coffee beans, and does not contain additives, flavoring agents, or additional ingredients such as rice, burnt corn, black beans, soybean,…

The Taste Of Pure Black Coffee

Black Coffee In Glass Cup With Coffee Beans And Jumping Drop, On Wooden Table

Pure black coffee often has a very natural bitter taste, not a harsh, light taste, long sipping will feel a bit sweet. But the aftertaste does not last long when drinking water or tea, it will lose its taste. When enjoying, take a sip of coffee to feel the aftertaste melt on your tongue.

There is also a type of coffee called Arabica that has a mild sour taste. This is the type of coffee that is very popular in European countries.

How To Distinguish Pure Black Coffee?

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Currently, on the market, many types of coffee are labeled as pure black to deceive consumers. So how to distinguish which is pure coffee and which is fake?

Non-pure coffee is coffee with impurities added to produce many finished products. Impurities such as cornstarch, and bean powder… deceive buyers. If it is a fake, it will not be the real thing. Here, we will help you differentiate in some ways as follows:


 A pure and clean cup of coffee is always brown from cockroach wings to dark brown, when you put ice in it, it will have amber brown, a very attractive clear brown color. In the sunlight, look at the sparkling light brown iced coffee.


Many people often think that comparable coffee will be more delicious and quality. However, this consistency is due to the coffee being mixed with impurities. With a cup of pure coffee, it will be clear and almost no comparison.


In this way, you must be a coffee drinker or have a liking for it, it will be easier to recognize. If pure black coffee has the characteristic natural scent of coffee, it is faint and flies quickly, then “fake” coffee will have a strong smell of aromas and impurities.


Pure coffee powder has a light porous nature and because of its low density, when put in water, it will often float to the top, while powdered mixed cereals will sink quickly to the bottom.

Pure coffee powder will be very dry and spongy, unlike mixed coffee powder, it will have a more wet appearance, easy to clump when adding a lot of caramel to create color.

Above are some typical ways to distinguish pure coffee from fake coffee for your reference. Please check it out.

Benefits Of Drinking Pure Black Coffee

Black Coffee In A Cup On The Background Of Coffee Beans In A Composition With Accessories

Black coffee has a bitter taste, but perhaps it is this special flavor that gives it an irresistible attraction. According to experts, drinking pure black coffee without sugar also brings the following great health benefits:

Caffeine is the main ingredient in pure black coffee, they are a stimulant that can make brain cells more active, similar to Adenosine produced in the human brain when we are not sleeping or working. job. When brain cells are active, it helps to keep memory sharp, improves cognitive function, and makes the brain work in a more focused way. Besides, the caffeine in coffee protects the brain’s nerves, helping to protect short-term memory. From there, support to limit Alzheimer’s disease.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Once on the list of potentially carcinogenic foods, but in June 2016 after studies on the potential health benefits of coffee, the World Health Organization (WHO) removed it. It’s off this list and conversely adds coffee to one of the foods that have been shown to fight some cancers (according to Food News). Some research organizations have shown that coffee contains active substances that can reduce the risk of certain cancers such as cervical cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, skin cancer, colon, etc. breast, rectum, and anus…

Burn Calories, Lose Weight Effectively

The caffeine in coffee is a very special substance. They can stimulate the increased conversion of food/fuel into energy to use for cellular processes. Accordingly, one study showed that the coffee consumption group not only significantly increased metabolic rate during drinking, but continued to increase 3 hours after drinking caffeine.

Caffeine also makes you less hungry. Surveys of people who often drink coffee for a long time also show a significant increase in fat burning.

Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

Black coffee contains high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, so it is extremely meaningful in fighting strokes. Some other experts also explain that the reason why drinking coffee can reduce the risk of stroke is that in moderate amounts, coffee changes blood flow in the direction of removing blood clots, helping blood flow evenly, and preventing atherosclerosis and cerebrovascular accidents.

In addition, the substances in unsweetened coffee also help strengthen your immune system

Although pure black coffee brings many benefits to your health. However, if you overdo it, it will harm you. Therefore, you should drink black coffee with a sufficient amount (every day you can drink a cup of black coffee).

So black coffee is a pure substance with a characteristic flavor and many health benefits. Find a reputable black coffee shop to be able to enjoy it most perfectly.