Hemp Coffee - An Essential Addition to Your Life

When it comes to your morning beverage, nothing quite compares to hemp coffee. 

It combines two of the most amazing things on the planet – hemp and coffee beans. Thanks to hemp coffee, you get a dose of cannabinoids along with a jolt of caffeine.

Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. The quick infusion of caffeine into your system helps wake you up and gives you the boost you need to jumpstart your day. 

Hemp infused coffee, however, provides your body with the power of cannabinoids. Studies are beginning to show that natural hemp coffee may provide many significant health benefits.

Hemp coffee may be just the thing you’ve been missing in your morning routine. Here, we’re going to tell you all about the benefits of hemp infused coffee and how it can enhance the start of your day.

Hemp Infused Coffee Can Enhance 3 Key Aspects of Your Morning

We all know how hard mornings can be. It can be a challenge to drag yourself out of bed and get ready for work. For many of us, coffee acts as the fuel we need to jumpstart the day. That caffeine boost is a life-saver.

Hemp infused coffee provides you with a little something extra. Along with caffeine, you also get a dose of beneficial cannabinoids that can help alleviate symptoms of many different issues. The best hemp infused coffee can help to enhance three vital aspects of your mornings.

The Best Hemp Infused Coffee Reduces Anxiety, Stress, and Jitters

While caffeine can help wake you up, it can also cause some people, myself included, to become jittery. It’s not harmful, but it can be frustrating when you’re trying to get things done.

Hemp coffee can help eliminate the jittery and anxious feelings you might experience with caffeine alone. Hemp infused coffee beans allow you to feel alert while also remaining calm. The cannabinoids in hemp infused coffee offer calming, soothing effects, which can also help to reduce stress.


 The hemp coffee from Buddha Beans is the best organic blend coffee infused with hemp on the market. The infusion of hemp directly into the coffee beans makes each blend purer. Additionally, the interaction of hemp and caffeine in your system at the same time can help to provide relief from anxiety symptoms.

While hemp coffee can help with anxiety and stress, there’s one vital thing to keep in mind. If you’re trying to use hemp to treat a specific ailment or illness, you don’t necessarily want to mix your dose with caffeine. You should consult with your physician for proper directions and dosing.

Hemp Ground Coffee Can Alleviate Headaches

A headache can absolutely ruin your day. Many headaches occur as a result of physical or mental stress. Hemp ground coffee can help to alleviate those issues, bringing relief from your headaches. You also won’t ever experience shaky hands, sweaty palms, or head throbs. Thanks to the cancelation of coffee jitters by hemp CBD, you can drink multiple cups of Buddha Beans Colombia blend without having to worry about unpleasant side effects.

I, for one, felt better after making the switch from regular coffee to hemp infused coffee. It has made such a difference in my day.  My jitters are gone, and I’m no longer feeling anxious or weird. I’m able to function normally and stay fully alert. Plus, I get to drink more than one cup (which is a huge bonus because I love the taste of the coffee) without having to worry that I’ll be so shaky that I can’t type or finish paperwork.

Natural Hemp Coffee Contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Hemp contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, both of which are vital for maintaining a healthy weight and boosting brain health. Studies have also shown these fatty acids to be beneficial in aiding with symptoms of depression and improving heart health, reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

Buddha Beans coffee blends, such as the Ethiopia CBD coffee, contain 100% organic, non-GMO USA-grown hemp. In addition to the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp is also an excellent source of:

  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Vitamin E
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

‌With hemp coffee, you combine all of these essential nutrients with your caffeine. With every sip, you get vitamins, minerals, cannabinoids, caffeine, and more.

Hemp Pod – A Refreshing Way to Start Your Day

A hemp pod offers a better way to start your day. You don’t have to worry about dealing with caffeine-related jitters or anxiety. It helps to alleviate headaches. And, hemp contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential for your overall health and wellness.

organic blend coffee

The thing is, not everyone has the time to grind and brew coffee beans. Fortunately, hemp pods offer a convenient and equally effective alternative for those on the go or who have limited time to get ready in the mornings.

Hemp Coffee Cups – A Noticeable Difference to Your Coffee Intake

K cups are nothing new. What sets Buddha Beans K cups apart from others is that they don’t just contain ground hemp infused coffee, but they are also compostable. These hemp coffee cups are incredibly easy to use. And, if you want another hemp pod cup, you can quickly brew one without having to deal with the aftermath of drinking too much caffeine.

With hemp coffee cups (and hemp coffee in general), you won’t have the underlying feeling of stress. Drinking hemp coffee from Buddha Beans allows you to dose the amount of coffee you consume simultaneously.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Buddha Beans hemp pods. I don’t always get up when my alarm goes off the first time (or the next five times after that), which means I don’t have a lot of time to get ready for work in the morning. While I work from home, I do still need to start my day at a good time. These hemp coffee cups make things so much easier. I pop one into my machine and let it go. And, if I feel a mid-afternoon slump coming on, I can drink another cup without worrying that I’ll get shaky or anxious. My days are so much better now.

Benefits of Hemp Infused Coffee

Hemp infused coffee offers several significant benefits. Hemp provides pain relief and has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in reducing inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. All of these benefits make hemp coffee a great alternative to your standard morning brew.

The other great thing about hemp coffee is that you can try it out without any hard commitments. It mainly provides soothing and calming effects without any negative side effects. If anything, your infused morning cup will help reduce the unwanted side effects of caffeine.

Bottom Line

Hemp coffee offers a much better alternative to your regular morning cup of coffee. The cannabinoids in hemp infused coffee beans negate the effects of plain caffeine, allowing you to enjoy your beverage without fear of jitters or anxiety.

Hemp also provides several vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. All in all, your morning get-up-and-go juice becomes much more beneficial. And, if you’re looking for the best hemp infused coffee, nothing beats Buddha Beans. If you’re thinking about swapping your regular brew for something more beneficial, hemp coffee may just be your new cup of tea.