CBD Coffee: The Brand That Is Shaking up the Industry

We can all agree that CBD infused coffee is a great way to balance out the edgier effects of your favorite caffeinated cup.

CBD coffee offers a perfect balance, helping to pep you up while keeping you grounded, calm, and focused. However, there are so many CBD coffee brands that it can be hard to find out which one is truly the best.


Today, you won’t need to look any further. In this article, we’re going to focus on the advantages of using CBD infused coffee, show you the best on the market (hint micro-roasted), and how drinking it can benefit your overall lifestyle.

3 Reasons Buddha Beans CBD Infused Coffee is the Best CBD Coffee on the Market

Whether you’ve tried CBD coffee before or you’re completely new to it, you should absolutely try Buddha Beans CBD infused coffee.

Why? Because Buddha Beans uses a proprietary CBD infusion technique that adds CBD directly to the coffee bean. Instead of just mixing CBD in coffee grounds, Buddha Beans offers the only actual infusion method on the market that delivers an amazing cup of coffee with no oily films.

Even better, Buddha Beans only offers 100% vegan coffee grounds and sources their coffee directly from the growers. That means that you can drink the best CBD coffee on the market guilt-free. Take a look at our 3 reasons Buddha Beans Coffee co is the best.

1. The Only Micro-Roasted CBD Coffee for Highest Potential Coffee Profile

There’s nothing more disappointing than a bad cup of coffee. With Buddha Beans, you never have to worry about weak flavors or burnt beans. 

They are the only CBD coffee producers that use micro roasting to control the temperature of their beans. As a result, their Columbia CBD coffee is probably the best you’ll ever taste. 

The small batches lead to even quality that never misses burnt beans the way other brands, like Starbucks, do. Instead, Buddha Beans offers a bold flavor that’s easy to love with no hint of CBD making it perfect for coffee lovers. On taste alone, the micro roasting process makes their Colombian roast an absolute favorite.

However, if the flavor of Buddha Beans Colombia CBD coffee is a little bolder than you like, you can always try the full-bodied but milder medium roast CBG Colombian coffee.

2.Proprietary Cannabinoid Infusion Technique (No Oily Film in Coffee)

Unlike any other CBD coffee beans, there’s never an oily film at the top of your cup with Buddha Beans. This hemp coffee is produced with a proprietary and genuine infusion process. There’s no mixed CBD oil in Buddha Beans coffee grounds. The cannabinoids are literally inside the beans instead of layered on top like they are with brands that use tinctures or oils. 

As a result, you can buy these natural CBD coffee beans and grind them as fine as you like. Your CBD latte will taste just as good as your pour-over, all from the same bag of beans. You can even try CBD K Cups for those hectic mornings.


You can do that with the first-ever market CBG-infused coffee, too. CBG is a similar compound to CBD. They both help calm the nervous system by interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). 

However, CBG can connect directly with the receptors in your brain, while CBD interacts with the ones in your body. If you’re interested in adding CBG to your daily routine, a cup of Buddha Beans’ hemp-infused coffee is the way to go.

3.Enjoy All the Benefits of Coffee Without the Jitters, Crash, or Anxiety

What is CBD coffee’s biggest benefit? It’s all in the combination of CBD and caffeine. CBD infused drinks are becoming more common, but CBD coffee is the best of both worlds.

When I drink too much coffee, I’m way more likely to get the jitters, feel anxious, and then crash hard later. CBD, though, is known for its ability to help calm people down and smooth out anxiety. That’s why I love making a morning CBD cafe au lait—it’s the perfect way to wake up without risking a bad day.

If you’re interested in trying CBD infused coffee I personally love the sample trio flight combo offered by Buddha Beans because I can experiment with different types depending on my mood.

What Is CBD-Infused Coffee, and What Are the Benefits?

Of course, there’s more to CBD coffee than that. CBD coffee is a type of coffee that blends the most significant benefits of CBD with your favorite morning beverage. Many producers just mix CBD oil and coffee, but genuinely great coffee comes from CBD infusion. 

This method forces the CBD into the beans instead of on top. That makes sure that the compound winds up in your cup and is not trapped in the grounds or the CBD coffee pods. 

But why drink CBD coffee in the first place? Here’s how it can help you.

Benefits of Drinking CBD Coffee

Regular coffee can give you the jitters. Caffeine is a stimulant, so it boosts your tension levels sky-high. 

CBD ground coffee helps prevent that. The CBD counteracts those anxious, jittery feelings. There’s never a risk that you’re going to feel high-strung or stressed out after your morning CBD latte.

How CBD Coffee Can Help Soothe Your Anxiousness

But how does CBD improve anxiety? Simple. CBD has been shown to help improve serotonin levels in the brain. That’s going to affect your mood, especially if coffee sends you down a stressed-out path.

If you get tension headaches after a few too many cups of coffee, CBD has also been shown to help reduce muscle tension. Drinking CBD coffee will lead to less stress hanging out in your body and causing you pain.

Is CBD Coffee Right for Me?

People with anxiety, depression, sensitivity to caffeine, and a tendency to the jitters can all see benefits from drinking CBD coffee instead of traditional morning joe.

As with any CBD product, always pace yourself. Some people are more sensitive to CBD than others. You should always consult with your physician before drinking or using any CBD infused product.


There’s no doubt that Buddha Beans offers the best CBD coffee available. With their revolutionary infusion methods and dedicated micro roasting process, each cup is better than the one before. 

I love my morning CBD infused coffee with Buddha Beans, and I'm confident you will, too. With less jittery feelings and more stressless mornings, caffeine and CBD are the perfect pair. You’ll find that CBD coffee is the perfect way to start your day.