CBD and Caffeine - What Your Morning Routine is Missing

CBD and caffeine both have their benefits, but is consuming them at the same time a smart idea? Of course, one helps perk you up while the other keeps anxiety at bay. Together, they can make for quite the effective pair.

cbd and caffeine

In this article, we'll explore the mental and physical benefits of CBD and caffeine. We'll also look at how those benefits can be enhanced by ingesting both at the same time via products like CBD-infused coffee. If you're looking for a way to feel good — and calm — first thing in the morning, keep reading.

3 Major Benefits of CBD and Caffeine

Combining caffeine and CBD can offer some major benefits for your body and mind. This can be achieved with CBD coffee, a type of coffee that's infused with a CBD extract.

Waking up with a cozy morning cup of hemp coffee can help reduce anxiety, eliminate jitters, and get you going for the day.

Caffeine and CBD Reduces Anxiety

CBD is the calming cannabinoid in cannabis. Its anti-anxiety effects have been well documented. Combining it with coffee can help cancel out the anxious feelings that some people experience when drinking caffeine. If you suffer from anxiety, drinking hemp-infused coffee may be the answer you're looking for.*

When drinking some CBD-infused coffees, you may notice a layer of CBD oil at the top, which isn't exactly pleasant to drink. To avoid this, look for companies like‌ Buddha Beans, who infuse the CBD right into their coffee beans, making for a much purer — and tastier — drink.

This Colombia CBD Coffee, for example, features notes of white chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut to amp up your morning without any unwelcome anxiety.

*Note: If you're trying to treat an illness or condition with CBD, consult a physician before using CBD and caffeine. They'll advise you on whether this type of product is suitable for you and recommend the appropriate intake and dosage. For a healthy person taking CBD as a nutritional supplement, careful dosing is not an essential consideration.

Hemp Coffee Wakes You Up Without the Jitters

Drinking CBD and coffee together can help you feel both alert and calm. No more shaky hands or sweaty palms from too much caffeine. In fact, you'll be able to enjoy multiple cups of hemp coffee without the jitters.

When CBD is infused into the coffee beans, you'll still be able to enjoy the benefits of the caffeine, but the CBD will help take the edge off — not so much that you feel like you're on drugs, though. Instead, you should feel just the right balance of ready-to-go and relaxed.

CBD in Coffee Allows for Dosing CBD and Caffeine Simultaneously

Consuming your CBD and coffee all in one cup is not just beneficial, it's convenient. If you're always in a rush in the morning (who isn't?!), you'll appreciate a little efficiency when you can dose both simultaneously instead of taking your CBD tincture and making your coffee separately.

With just one brew, you're able to consume both beneficial substances — and actually have the time to sit and enjoy it.

CBD and Coffee Improves Your Morning Routine

Starting your day with CBD-infused coffee will immediately improve your morning routine. Any early-day anxiety — whether it's from caffeine or other aspects of your life — will be reduced thanks to the proven medicinal properties of the CBD you're consuming.

cbd infused coffee

You won't experience any of the caffeine jitters that are common for most people either. This means you can double up on your cups without the same underlying stress symptoms you might get with too much plain coffee.

Drinking hemp-infused coffee also takes out the extra step of dosing with a CBD tincture. You'll get it all at once, in one simple brew. This allows you to cut down on the time it takes to get out the door by streamlining at least two of your essential morning tasks.

Is CBD with Coffee What You’re Missing?

We've talked a lot about how CBD can be effective in fighting anxiety, but there's a lot more it can do. Scientists are only now beginning to discover a number or other medicinal benefits of taking CBD.

For one, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits and may even be effective in helping treat chronic joint pain and inflammation for those with arthritis.

CBD also has neuroprotective properties and can help people with serious medical conditions that may not otherwise respond to conventional medicines or treatments. It's been used to help reduce seizures in children with two rare forms of epilepsy, and has been shown to reduce muscle spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis.

CBD can be an effective treatment for varying levels of pain, anxiety, and discomfort, too. Caffeine and CBD are an especially potent combination. With every cup, the energetic effects of caffeine are soothed by the calming properties of CBD.

How to Look for High Quality CBD-Infused Coffee 

Buddha Beans puts special care into every bag of our hemp coffee so you can enjoy your CBD and caffeine at the same time. We make our coffee by a process called micro-roasting, in which the beans are roasted in small batches to exact specifications. Unlike mass-produced coffee, micro-roasting allows us to roast every single bag of our coffee with the best flavor profile.

At Buddha Beans, we source and trade our coffee directly. We have personal relationships with each one of our producers and buy our beans straight from the farmers. All of our hemp-infused coffee is also 100% vegan, so anyone can enjoy it.

We also employ a proprietary CBD infusion technique. The CBD is actually inside the bean. This means, when the coffee is made, the CBD is within the liquid, not stuck to the sides of your cup. This prevents you from feeling a film of CBD oil on your lips when taking a sip.

If you're looking to improve your morning routine, reduce your anxiety, and still enjoy your daily dose of caffeine, try a cup (or two) of CBD-infused coffee and see how it transforms your day.