12oz Non-Infused Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee

12oz Non-Infused Costa Rica Single Origin Coffee

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Introducing our single origin Costa Rican coffee bean, It has notes of Dragon Fruit, Port Wine, and Yuzu – a captivating blend that transcends the ordinary and awakens your senses to a symphony of unique flavors.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting aroma of dragon fruit, a tropical delight that adds a touch of exotic allure to every sip. The velvety notes of port wine elevate the richness of this coffee, creating a harmonious fusion that perfectly hits your palate. As you indulge, savor the citrusy zest of yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit that adds a refreshing twist to the overall experience. The result is a coffee that strikes the perfect balance between the robust intensity of traditional brews and the delightful surprise of unexpected flavor combinations.

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Roasted in
Los Angeles

Our coffee beans are ethically sourced from the world's best farms. We roast and infuse all coffee in-house. 

CBD Infused in
Los Angeles

Our CBD is sourced from a family owned, USDA certified, organic farm located in Southern Oregon.