CannaVybe Review

For those that don’t already know — coffee is my first love, even before CBD (gasp!).

I honestly have an addiction — I drink at least 3 cups a day, but sometimes 5 or more if I have a lot of work to do for my grad school classes or if I am working from home in a last-minute attempt to finish a spreadsheet or presentation.

I can drink coffee any time of day (or night) without any unwanted side effects, but for those that might be sensitive to caffeine, CBD-infused coffee can temper the anxiousness that can be felt if you over-indulge. That pretty much gives me permission to go full-throttle with my coffee consumption, right?

Dark roasts are my favorite, but a medium roast will do (if I must). Light roasts are a no-go as they just taste blah to me, although I do realize that they have more caffeine in them than the darker roasts.

Since my boyfriend is vegan, I often have dairy-free mylk in the fridge, but I much prefer cow’s milk in my coffee. It’s a consistency issue — I despise coffee that tastes “thin”. My ideal combo is coffee + cream, but I will drink it black if it’s lightly sweetened and/or iced. I’m not a huge fan of coffee with cream + milk because it ends up being much too sweet for me. (Which is really saying a lot for someone with as big a sweet tooth as mine… I guess I just want my coffee to be strong and bitter and threaten to put hair on my chest.)

Thankfully, Buddha Beans Coffee Co has me covered. Their CBD-infused coffee uses organic, direct trade and fair trade coffee beans that are micro-roasted. The CBD used in their products is sourced from a certified hemp farm in Oregon that follows organic farming practices.

They offer a variety of roast options:

  • Mexico: smooth roast with low acidity; notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, and citrus

  • Colombia: rich, smooth and full bodied

  • Ethiopia: smooth yet full bodied with medium acidity; notes of green tea, floral and caramel

I recently tried the Organic Mexico CBD-Infused Coffee Beans and thoroughly enjoyed them! The beans themselves smell amazing once you break into the bag, and the fact that they come in whole-bean form makes it ideal for you to customize your grind based on your preferred brewing method.

I personally tend to use my Keurig during the work week out of convenience, but I prefer using a french press over the weekends. That means I need a fine grind for my reusable coffee pod, but something much more coarse for the french press.

I was feeling extra fancy when I took these photos, so I dug out my electric milk frother from one the kitchen drawers and went to town. The combination of the milk with the chocolate-y notes of the coffee beans was delicious! As someone who has suffered from gastric ulcers in the past (go figure), I appreciate the low acidity level of these beans.

If you’re unsure which blend to try, you’ll be happy to know that sample packs are available on their website. You could even try a flight of sample packs! These would also make a great gift for the caffeine fiend in your life (ahem, Dad).

I highly recommend giving these beans a try, especially if used to supplement your current level of caffeine consumption (as it might be pricey to replace all of your coffee if you’re a bit over-the-top like me).

Coffee is still my first love, but CBD-infused coffee is probably my true love.