Why Buddha BeansCBD Coffee is so Much Better Than Regular Coffee

How to Make CBD Coffee?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the most prevalent ingredient of cannabis and has recently been attracting the interest of CBD and coffee lovers alike. Chances are you are one of those coffee lovers if you are looking for how to make CBD coffee.

Some people love coffee but have high levels of intolerance toward caffeine since it causes them jitteriness and sleep deprivation.

Therefore, many of these people are switching to CBD coffee. Adding CBD to your coffee can help these people get rid of the unpleasant effects of caffeine and let them enjoy their coffee with improved health benefits as well.

Why CBD Coffee is Better?

Apart from treating coffee jitters, CBD-infused coffee is also good for pain relief and stress relief. Thanks to its numerous benefits, CBD is a renowned analgesic compound that also relieved inflammation as well.

Moreover, according to the researchers, CBD is good for relieving anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasm, and Alzheimer’s as well.

The only drawback of this combination is that you might not be able to reap all the medicinal benefits that CBD alone provides which includes treating serious diseases too.

Therefore, if you want to use CBD for pharmaceutical purposes, it is best to use it alone. Other than that, CBD alleviates the healthiness of a coffee and improves taste too.

Infusing CBD with Coffee Beans

CBD-infused coffee beans are already available in the market. Hence, you do not have to go through much trouble and directly brew CBD coffee beans.

Manufacturers infuse CBD by using natural oils present in coffee beans. In addition, CBD-infused coffee beans make the job easier since you wouldn’t have to worry about how much CBD you should be adding to your coffee.

To make the coffee, grind the coffee beans using a coffee grinder or a French press and brew the coffee. Add milk or sweeteners if you like. “Willie’s Remedy” and “Strava” are said to have the best taste when it comes to CBD coffee beans.

Adding CBD-Infused Honey to Your Coffee

Purchasing CBD-infused syrup or honey directly from the market is also an option. You can add this honey or syrup to your coffee later to have a delicious cup of coffee for yourself.

Honey is a good ingredient to add to coffee because it has antibiotic effects and many other health benefits.

Certainly, honey mixes well with coffee, it is optional to add frothed milk or steamed milk. You can add more ingredients to enhance the taste as well, which is completely optional as well.

If you do not have CBD-infused syrup or honey available, you can make your own by heating any honey available and adding CBD oil to it.

·      Using CBD or Hemp Powder

Hemp powder is a water-soluble CBD that can be added to your premade coffee brew. If you do not want to opt for oil-based CBD products, hemp powder is an excellent alternative for you. Hemp powder can mix well with coffee. Therefore, adding milk or sweeteners is optional again.

Hemp powder is also available in the market. You can explore and find the right one which suits your taste buds. Moreover, adding hemp powder also lets you control the amount of CBD in your coffee.

There are many ways to make your coffee but having a coffee maker in hand makes it far easier and more convenient. The market is filled with options to choose from. For instance, electric espresso machines and drip coffee makers to the manual French press or cold brew makers.

Tips on Choosing the Right CBD Coffee Maker

Most importantly, keep in mind that not all coffee makers are the same. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to the features and quality before making the purchase. Some options for you to keep an eye out for include:

  • Drink options
  • Number of CBD coffees supported
  • Number of standard coffees supported
  • Hot chocolate support
  • Cup sizes
  • Touch screen or not
  • Supported cups per hour

Based on how often you will be drinking a certain type of coffee, one machine might be better than the other for you. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind the convenience and options offered by the coffee maker you will buy.

Furthermore, given the crazy prices of the coffee makers, it is better that you are more cautious when making the purchase. Also, ask yourself if you will be the only person using it or do you require a machine for your workplace or just for friends.


You can pick any of the above methods to make your own CBD coffee. Whatever technique you use, you must enjoy the brewing process and experience the advantages. And along with enjoying the process, enjoy your coffee too!

Some of the most famous brands are Buddha Beans Coffee Co, CBD Infusionz CBD Coffee, and Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew. Furthermore, you will find numerous types and shapes of coffee makers in the market. To clarify, you will find many affordable and efficient options.

Certainly, the choice is not that easy. Luckily, here’s an informative article that contains an all-encompassing top coffee makers analysis.