Best CBD Coffee Review - Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

Are you looking for a tasty CBD coffee to start your day?

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. is one of the better providers we’ve found.

Unlike a lot of other CBD coffee manufacturers, Buddha Beans Coffee Co. is a coffee company first and a CBD-company second. This means the coffee you’re buying is top-notch.

This stuff is good enough for even the most skeptical connoisseurs to enjoy — trust us, we’re big on boutique coffee around here. 

Price/Value 5/5

Buddha Beans Coffee Co offers a huge selection of different beans, roasts, and sizes. On top of that, each bag is packed with CBD. This CBD coffee is best enjoyed with a roast you love, so a large selection is a huge factor in our value metric. Additionally, its CBD coffees are priced quite reasonably, reaching as low as $0.16 per mg — which is roughly half the average cost CBD coffees are sold for these days. 

CBD Potency 4/5

In terms of CBD coffees, these beans are on the high end of the scale. Buddha Beans Coffee Co offers bags that contain up to 300 mg of CBD. The beauty of CBD coffee is that you can alter your dose depending on how much coffee you use. A high CBD content per bag allows you to be more flexible by mixing the beans with other non-CBD coffees if you want a lower dose — but we recommend keeping it as-is. 

Hemp Source 4/5

Buddha Beans Coffee Co sources all of its hemp from non-GMO and organic farms located in Southern Oregon. Oregon is one of the best places to grow hemp in the USA. The company also has test results regarding potency but would benefit from adding heavy metal and toxin testing. This company will be getting 5-stars in this category as soon as they achieve certified organic status. 

Purpose/Uses 5/5

The company suggests its CBD coffee if you suffer from anxiety or jitters after your morning cup of coffee. However, this product wasn’t intended to be used therapeutically, it’s merely a delicious coffee roast with CBD added to remove some of the side-effects inherent to your morning brew. 

Product Variations 5/5

Buddha Beans Coffee Co has the best selection we’ve seen so far when it comes to CBD coffee. Beyond choosing the bag size and CBD content, you also have the option of 4 types of beans, medium or dark roast, and whether you want it whole bean or pre-ground.


Formula 4/5

Although Buddha Beans CBD coffee doesn’t offer symptom-specific relief or contain any extra beneficial ingredients, we can’t fault the company in this category. Buddha Beans Coffee Co is focused on coffee first — including CBD is a bonus. If you’re looking for complex formulas, you’ll want to look at products like tinctures or gummies.